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Learning Bonuses

GDI give $25 learning bonus to all members. Here is how you can do them and get your bonus

Enter in your account and click on the GDI Bonuses

Than choose GDI learning Bonus

You will get this many (This is from my account and that is why instead of stay

GDI Learning Bonus

Congratulations on signing up with GDI! In order to have a great start, we’ve created a list for you to complete in order to learn how to use our products and services. Completing the items below will teach you the basics of what we have to offer, and upon 100% completion, eligible accounts will earn $25! Once all items have a green check mark beside them, your GDI Learning Bonus will be added to your monthly commissions. Get started now and begin your journey to success with GDI. This bonus is achievable, GO GET IT!

10% Trial Conversion (Achieve Active Status)
20% Create a "GDI" email address with your domain:
10% Send at least 10 Invites using GDI Inviters
10% Directly refer 1 Converted (Signup went ACTIVE at End of Trial) Affiliate
20% Please create your WebSite using either SiteBuilder, Basic Hosting, or WordPress.
20% Successfully completed Learning Bonus period in good standing
(This step will automatically be marked as completed within 24 hours of December 8, 2018 as long as your account is active and in good standing.)


Learning Bonus 1
Trial Conversion (Achieve Active Status)

This happens automatically when your $10.00 payment has been processed by GDI at the end of your 7-day free trial. You have to stay a paid member until you get the bonus

Learning Bonus 2
Create a "GDI" email address with your domain:

See more about this bonus here

Learning Bonus 3
Send at least 10 Invites using GDI Inviters

See more about this bonus here

As you can see I do this 2 weeks before the end of my Learning Bonus Period
I have email campaigns and I'll send them to the people who often open my emails.
You can send the invites to your friends on to someone from your email list

Learning Bonus 4
Directly refer 1 Converted (Signup went ACTIVE at End of Trial) Affiliate

This is pretty self-explanatory.  To complete step 4 you need to recruit one member who becomes active at the end of his/her 7-day free trial. To recruit your new member you can simply share your own personal GDI link around (word of mouth to family or friends or advertise online). If you do not know how to advertise your direct sponsor or an upline member will help you with this.

You will also find a large selection of GDI capture pages in your back office by going to My Replicated Sites on the left. Be sure to pick your language. You can view each one before choosing. GDI will take note of your new member and mark your step with a green check mark once they see they became active.

Learning Bonus 5
Please create your WebSite using either SiteBuilder, Basic Hosting, or WordPress

See more about this bonus here
You can find here how you can create the website in WordPress
There are tutorials or you can ask WS support if you want to build the site with Site Builder
When you will create the site you have to click on SiteBuilder or WordPress link in the Learning  Bonuses Page 
and  put your domain in the box

Learning Bonus 6
Set Your Preferred Commission Method

Click on the link and choose which method is the best for you.

Once you have made your choice of the commission, click on Update and it will be saved. If you ever wish to change the method or amount, you can always come back in here to make your changes, but always remember to click update. GDI will require you to fill out some documents to be sent back in order to be able to withdraw your commissions. You will find what needs to be completed and sent on your commission's page.

Learning Bonus 7 Wait until the end of the 8 week period to get your $25 Bonus

Once GDI sees you have completed each step, they will check them off. Some are almost instant, some take up to a week, so keep this in mind if you are going to put this off. You only have 8 weeks to complete this. If you start it in your 7th or 8th week, you may not get things checked off in time, especially if you make a mistake and have to re-submit it.  


You completed All The Steps In Your Learning Bonus!

Now your mission is to get 10 people under you to complete their Learning Bonus.

WHY? Because when 10 people Complete GDI Learning Bonus, YOU EARN $250.00!



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