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How successful offer have to look like  

No one wants to buy products for hobby
People buy when they want to solve some problem
Quit trying to sell products!

Seriously, you are a marketer and not a used car salesman.

Selling isn't your job.

Why? Because marketing and selling are different.

Leave the hard selling to the shady used car salesman.

As a marketer, your job is to discover the burning problems your prospect has.

Then show them how your product solves that problem.

Do this by showing...

How your product alleviates their pain or suffering.

How your product makes their life easier or faster.

How your product increases their happiness levels or reduces their stress levels.

The most common reasons people buy relate to:

- Making or saving money
- Acquiring more time/saving time
- Escaping pain
- Enjoying more pleasure
- Obtaining increased comfort.

So don't waffle on about product features and pros and cons.

No one really cares about what your product does.

They care only about how it benefits them when they use it.

Here's the deal...

95%+ of people who click your affiliate links / view your sales page don't convert into sales because you failed to solve their problems.

In your offer you have to tell them that you had the problem before, you solve it and how

Here is the example of solution  about GDI

Hi, I' am Elizabeta

Are you tired of sitting at your computer for hours on end, but without the results to show for it? 

There's nothing more soul destroying than wondering if your dream of an online business that you can run from home is even possible.

You jump from program to program, looking for the magic bullet.

Meanwhile, you are spending money on all the tools and opportunities, but have nothing to show for it except a stack of credit card statements.
If so, then I know exactly what you're going through. I was on that place until I found GDI

GDI is an ideal solution for your problem. It pays to 5th downline. In a couple of months, you will start earning residual income.


 You will Get:

-6 Paid Members in Your Downline

-FREE Team Leadership Training

-Active, Knowledgeable Sponsors

-FREE Collective Advertising System

Our team works together to build downlines for each and every member!

Tiptoe if you must, but take the step:
Take Action And Join us

I will be your mentor 1:1 and help you to build your team and grow your income

If you are interested please email me on elimarketingtips (at)gmail (dot)com

Kind regards,

So now you know how to write irresistible offers and get more signups and sales. Don't be afraid. Write to them and post them every day. Test them to see what is working. Continue with the best offers. Be persistent and you can see the results. 

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