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Success, Failure & Scams

By Albie Derbyshire GDI Team Elite's Leader

Anything of value is created by real work and patience. Don’t be lured by instant success or fast money.

One mentor I had many years ago said “success is the lack of failure”. 
Think about that for a moment! In order for there to be success you have had to fail over and over again and have learned from many mistakes and completely freed yourself from most forms of failure.

The thing is that often while you’re surfing ads online, success is seen as a really cool capture image, or the perfect title or new way of grabbing your attention.

Even though this is ALL important, there is WAY more to it than that. The problem is that MOST online business opportunities have a CRUCIAL ERROR that causes people to sign up and then move on to the next dazzling thing.

The error is in the autoresponder, the landing page and the email follow up series. Typically, online business capture your info and then move you to landing page that encourages you to pay and join. This is a crucial error!

GDI Team Elite does not do this as its email campaign encourages real communication

You see that is NOT an error for a huge company like Walmart or Target. But for much smaller and less known business opportunities this is a deadly move. The reason is because of this formula:


I want you to think really hard about this formula for a second. You see, it’s the most important thing about sales. Walmart has already attained Know, Like & Trust. But if you’ve never heard of a particular business, those elements are missing. Some in parts and some in whole.

Be careful of FAST Money promises online:

So here are some questions for you to think about when you are surfing online ads. You can see possible answers below these questions: 

1) Is this “get tons of money system” using the same advertising as you are? This is important to take note of.

2) So do you think they’re making so much more money than you are because they have a sexier capture page or a simpler one or have something better?

3) Do they have an “amazing new done for you system” that is more modern, more advanced, or more of something else that is somehow “killing it”?


People may find these capture pages interesting, curious and maybe even very tempting and put in name and number but only a small percentage of these actually end up buying. This is because they have little KNOW, LIKE or TRUST.

Also if they have no real way of communicating with you or allowing for you to meet them, it will have a low amount of sales again because of the know, like and trust factor again.

A common factor of bridging the “know” factor is to advertise like crazy so that people see their ads all over the place. When you see an ad close to seven times you are much more likely to opt in to find out more. However, this still does not take the place of like and trust.

If they have videos on a web page and personal stories – they might bridge this gap too. However, if you NEVER really end up talking to someone – and building a real relationship you will most likely buy the program and then end up giving up on it as it takes so much advertising power just to even make a few sales. Believe me, I’ve been there. 

One more interesting business tactic is to make a business seem like it will be easy to make sales and that all your marketing problems will be over once you join. There are many ways to convince you that this is true including testimonials and even “fear of loss” marketing via email or landing page where you can even see or feel “missing out” every word you read or by every new person that seems to be joining while you wait.

Please believe me, I was under a rock star marketer that made signing up my guarantee of success. Yet it made no difference. There are no “free rides” when it comes to success. Failure will bite you at the beginning or at the end.

Let me share my story with you. Like I said I’ve been in 40 different opportunities and worked most of them hard. In one I made $500 my first month but could not do it again even though I gave myself five years to try.

I did create residual income though with this company which opened my eyes that residual income really works. I still make residual income from work I did in 2005.

I’ve seen all the ads and tried almost all the stuff and it’s very deceiving.

True internet wealth is built one step at a time and one person who trusts you at a time.

It comes down to building your list and building your marketing reach really big over many years of consistent effort into a few income streams that all support each other.

It impossible to build this jumping from program to program.

So all this has to be supported by a job in the beginning to make sure you can take care of your family as you know. But don’t fall for the fast wealth machines that are out there. They don’t work. I’ve spent $1000’s on many of them trying them out getting mentored by the big shots. What a waste of time.

Just remember two things: build your list and build communication one person at a time. You will come across amazing people in time who take your business to the next level.

Last year I spent over $900 in a company called MOBE trying one more time to make a killing online. That company got nailed by the FTC and I nearly got over my my head in debt too.

My mentor Alan didn’t want me to join them,  but I wanted to make a lot quickly so I did and regretted it.

There’s a lot of hype around online business. I guess it fills the “Desired Result” of what people are seeking. Still I try to be honest with people but try not to discourage their hopes of success too.

My final thoughts are concentrate on solid business. GDI has an A+ in the Better Business Bureau and is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

That says a lot!

Join one of us and try GDI for free. You have nothing to lose


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